The hospitals provide high quality and affordable services to the rich and poor alike, yet be financially self-supporting. They have well equipped speciality clinics with comprehensive support facilities.

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Best eye hospital in Mandsaur city. Doctor and administrative staffs are very good. They gives us Familiar environment . Happy to see the professional work done by Perfect eye care ..keep it up .....

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Chairman's Message To the World

Perfect Eye Care Hospital's Chairman

                        Biology is the science and evolution is the concept, that makes Biology unique.It is true in every field and so in the care of ophthamology .
As Always Prevention is better than cure and is not just IOL which is premium . Towards this proper counselling , understanding patients patients visual requirements is necessary .

                        Modern catract patients don't only expect to see better than before but they also want or in fact sometimes demand better vision without the eye glasses, with the advent of premium IOL's we can now correct astigmatism with a toric IOL, we can control spherical aberration with aspheric IOL's & we can even address presbiopia with either multi focal or accomodative IOL's .

Vision is a gift of god to all of us: good eye sight is essential to each and every human being to lead a normal life. An advanced eye care hospital today not only provides treatment to various eye diseases but also offers comprehensive preventive measures and thereby creates awareness on eye diseases, to avoid hindering or delaying in treating major diseases at an early stage itself.

Dr. Mazhar Husain          

M.S. (Consulting Eye Surgeon)          
Ex. Eye Surgeon - Rotary Eye Institute, Navsari